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Why Business Planning is Important to Help You Reach Your Goals

Why Business Planning is Important to Help You Reach Your Goals

On a mild and sunny autumn day the team at Hugh Davies & Co set off on a journey through the streets of Salisbury to the magnificence that is Salisbury Cathedral.

The goal set for the day was to climb the 332 steps to the foot of the iconic spire, the tallest in the UK.

With varying degrees of vertigo, the excited, somewhat nervous but never hesitant team of intrepid accountants went through the ancient doors to begin the adventure.

Walking along worn stone floors and wooden gangways our adventurers traversed the twist and turns along corridors and upstairs through the ancient roof spaces of the Cathedral to the tower itself.

Never hesitant and with eyes firmly on the goal they climbed the inside of the tower, past hundred-year-old graffiti. Stopping along the way to marvel at the ingenuity and engineering in the world’s oldest clock, read and reminisce on the windows of remembrance, the team reached their goal… the amazing panoramic views of Salisbury and surrounding areas. The chance to see our medieval city from a new perspective.

Now, whilst this journey did have some twists and turns, they were anticipated in advance and plans were in place to ensure that our goal was reached within the timeframe set and with the least amount of effort.

But imagine how different that journey would have been if the goal and plans weren’t set in advance? What would have happened if we had just turned up with no real objective in mind? If we ‘winged’ it?

Ok, we may still have found our way there in the end, probably after many wrong turns, missed opportunities and many distractions, but it would have definitely taken longer and certainly would have been more tiring.

With so many wonderful distractions in the Cathedral, we may never have made it at all, may have missed what is arguably the most inspiring view in Wiltshire.

Our journey up to the spire is a bit like life and most definitely like business. Without a clear goal in mind your journey could end up very long, tiring and extremely frustrating.

Sound familiar?

Without a goal, how can you plan? A decent business plan sets out your vision for your business’s future and the outcome you desire, anticipates the issues you may encounter along the way giving opportunity to plan how to overcome them and also gives you the tools you need to monitor how well you are achieving those plans.

Like our journey up the Cathedral tower, we had our goal set in everyone’s mind, we planned our route, considered possible issues that might arise and set actions to enable us to overcome them:

  • Trusted guide enlisted to help draw up the plan, ensuring we cover all aspects and ultimately stay on course
  • Sensible flat shoes worn
  • camera batteries and phones charged
  • outcome and expectations discussed
  • scheduled down time along the way so we could regroup if necessary, conserve our energies, enjoy the outcome of our labours so far and check our progress against our plan.

Giving us valuable opportunity to take corrective action if needed.

This is what we do every day and Hugh Davies & Co.

We act as the guide to our clients throughout every step of their business journey. From defining goals, developing initial plans, anticipating future issues, setting forecasts to ensure achievements along the route to tapping into sources/skills such as raising funding as required. Keeping our clients on track and their eyes on their goals.

We work to ensure our clients business journeys are more like this...

client journey

and less like this!

client journey
“Dreams without goals remain dreams” – Denzel Washington
“A goal without a plan is a wish” – Antoine Sainte-Exupéry

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