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Our educational book sponsorship with Barney & Echo

Educational book sponsorship with Barney & Echo

Here at Hugh Davies, we aim to give back to our community as much as possible. We believe it is integral to support and help other small businesses and community groups around our local area.

For the second year in a row, we have teamed up with Barney & Echo, a Police Community Club that creates and distribute educational books to children across the UK.

These books aim to support young children and help them reach their full potential to become responsible citizens within our society. The Police Community Clubs of GB are run by both retired and serving police who are passionate about helping to safeguard young people in a fun but educational way.

Through our recent sponsorship, we managed to supply St Michael’s CofE Primary School in Larkhill with 30 copies of an internet safety book, Caught in the Web, that aims to educate young children on the issues of internet safety and cyberbullying.

The internet is such a fundamental part of all our lives and learning how to navigate it safely from an early age is key. Caught in the Web helps to teach children about the dangers of the virtual world in a fun and engaging way, using captivating storytelling narrated by woodland creatures and activities that help develop the children's learning objectives.

In previous years, we have also sponsored the distribution of several other books from the Barney & Echo range, that have been sent to schools around the Wiltshire area. One of these books was The Bad Apples which helps children to understand the impact that anti-social behaviour can have on their peers and themselves.

Another book we helped to sponsor was The Magic Mirror, which looks at the issues that drugs, tobacco and alcohol can have on their health and behaviour.

We can’t wait to help give more books to further schools in the future and help our community raise children in a positive, supportive way.

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