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Meet the Hugh Davies Team

Our Story

Hugh Davies & Co looks after and supports a particular segment of society, the small business community - men and women working in a diverse selection of trades and professions who have taken the personal responsibility to make their own way in business rather than become employees of someone else. It is tough in business, but potentially very rewarding. We help our clients to navigate the regulations, keep their noses clean, and avoid paying more tax than they need to.

Our History

Hugh Davies arrived in Salisbury in 1986 and was a partner in a number of firms before setting up his own practice in 2001. This was the only way he felt he could do accountancy in the way that he wanted to - putting the needs of the individual client at the heart of the business rather than treating them as just another number.

Having done part of her accountancy training with Hugh in the early 1990s, Shirley Hollis went on to become a partner in a Top 25 firm of accountants. Later on, setting up her own practice and then re-joining Hugh Davies & Co as a partner in 2019.

“The decision to re-join Hugh was a very simple one to make as we share the same ethos of helping our clients to achieve their financial and/or life goals by providing more hands-on assistance in developing all aspects of their business”.

Karen Bennett, who joined the firm in 2000, manages the office as well as doing lots of senior level client work. Or Tax Manager, Michael Wotton, has also been with the firm for over ten years.

The firm prides itself on being a small independent firm - much like its clients.

Our Philosophy

We believe that we can only be successful if our clients are successful and will do everything that we can to support our clients. The old fashioned idea of an accountant sitting across a desk and giving judgement on things that happened a long time ago is not what we do - we want to work collaboratively with our clients to help in the day to day financial problems of running a business. It is great to have successful and profitable clients, but we also like to make time to help those who are struggling as well. Efficient use of technology is extremely important to us - both in helping us to present financial information in a format that is easily understandable and in keeping our costs competitive.

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